Posted by: Marisa | July 26, 2011

I Think I’m Ready…

Over the years, I’ve started this blog in my head, and on scrap paper, a dozen times but just when I think I’m going to create it Professional Marisa (my daytime persona) talks me out of it. After all, I know who I want to be professionally and I know what that means for my web-image. I need to keep it clean, stick to my professional passions, and show the world what I’m made of…not who I truly am.

But in the process of being so caught up in not letting the world know who I am I’ve missed out on some really good opportunities to relieve stress, write passionately, and share my story with others.

Professional image aside, I have other concerns about writing a blog like this one; that I’ll continue to hold back for fear that what I say won’t be good enough, or right enough, or funny enough, or…raw enough to really let people in.

But I think I’m ready to at least give it a shot.



  1. thanks for the comment and for finding me… nice to find another twin blog and i’m excited to get caught up and to follow along. your boys are beautiful! a huge belated congratulations.

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