Posted by: Marisa | July 28, 2011

Dear Ikea,

I know you had something really important to say, which is why you slathered WARNING stickers all over the cribs we bought from you. But, really, you couldn’t have sprung for those stickers that peel off in one piece? And did you have to put the stickers on the ‘chew bar’ portion of the crib so my only option was to peel them off for fear that, if left on, my children would die from exposure to the toxic glue used to adhere them to the surface?

It took me longer to peel said stickers from the first crib then it did for my husband to assemble all 215 pieces of the second crib.

AND P.S. After hours of inhaling toxic Goo-be-gone fumes, rubbing my fingers raw, and swearing up a storm I have actually forgotten what your WARNING stickers said.



  1. Love it! And, as you know, can totally relate! 😉

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