Posted by: Marisa | August 2, 2011

Rolling Over – The New Olympic Sport

Pregnant women like to complain, which makes me crazy. And a lot of them complain about how difficult sleeping is so I was preparing myself for the worst. At 29/30 weeks (measuring what a singleton pregnancy would measure at 36 weeks) I’m starting to understand what other people were talking about. Only, for some reason, I find it kind of funny.

Regardless of how I felt about side sleeping in the past, it’s officially the new cool because, really,with a belly the size of a watermelon there are no other options. The best part about side sleeping is that gravity pulls the boys to that side so they sort of pile up on top of each other and we settle in. This works out great until I, for any number of reasons, have to roll over.

Then…Let the Olympic sport commence!

Here’s how rolling over works: If I’m laying on my right side I start to roll onto my back and, as soon as possible, bend my right knee so my foot is flat against the bed. At this point my right hip pops…every time. Then, I grab the right side of my stomach with both hands and hoist the boys on top of me causing them to drop onto my innards with all the force of two five pound bowling balls. At the same time that I’m pulling my stomach over the top of me, I push off the bed with my right foot. And, for good measure, I let out a huge, overly dramatic, woe is me grunt that is meant to partner with the shaking bed to wake John up to join in on the fun. Typically, right about now, I’m laughing at how funny I am. Finally, my shoulders are free to turn over and with a quick fluff of the pillow I’m ready to go back to sleep.

The entire process takes about four seconds, which really isn’t that long in the scheme of things, but sometimes I’m out of breath from the effort. I wonder if I’ll still be laughing when I’m 36 weeks…part of me thinks I will be because, as you know, the more dramatic the situation, the better story it makes.


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