Posted by: Marisa | September 10, 2011

First Ever Picture of the Boys

One of the nicest perks of being pregnant with twins is that I’ve been spoiled with doctors appointments and ultrasounds. We have more ultrasound pictures then we know what to do with and each consecutive picture shows more and more details about what our babies are going to look like. Yet I rarely sit around and look at them. The good ones were put away in a folder and the bad ones were tossed.

But this picture never made it into that folder.

For nine months now it has been in the drawer of my bedside table and whenever I open that drawer I stop for a second to look at it. I’m not really sure why it  has gotten so much viewing time because it’s not that exciting, it never changes, and there isn’t much to analyze.

But I look at it a lot.

Sometimes I wonder what made this picture – these embryo’s – different from the other 53 we had that never turned into babies. Other times I just can’t believe that the boys squirming around in my stomach started out as these two microscopic blobs…that all of us started out this way. And still other times the picture acts as a surreal reminder of everything we had to go through to get pregnant in the first place. I’m still not sure I can wrap my mind around it all, the IVF, the embryo’s that never stuck, and the two that did. The whole thing seems crazy to me.



  1. Not crazy…in God’s control…in His time for His purpose…love you guys and really shouldn’t have started reading this blog because now I am getting no work done!

  2. k know it’s crazzy…i have pics like that too and i asked myself very similar questions. im so grateful that it finally worked

    • The crazy part is that we’re lucky to have these picture because most people never will but I’m greedy and now I wish I knew which baby was which. =)

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