Posted by: Marisa | September 15, 2011

Activities Better Suited for Non-Pregnant Women

It’s not a shocker to anyone that during pregnancy there are activities I used to be able to do that I just can’t do anymore; ride my bike, get in and out of a bathroom stall without slamming the stall door into my stomach, sleep through the night without a bathroom break. You know, the basics.

Well, today I found another activity that’s now impossible due to my girth. I can no longer eat Japanese food at work with a fork while sitting at my desk. This process has always worked rather smoothly for me; put some chicken, green pepper, and rice on a fork, lean over my keyboard (which comes out from below my desk) so my face is over the food container and insert food into mouth. It was really quite simple and I never put much thought into it. Until today, when I realized that no matter how hard I try I can’t wedge my stomach close enough to my desk to get my mouth over the food container to catch rice bits that might happen to drop from the fork. So I had to get creative about where I positioned my food container…



Looks like until I lose the stomach I’ll be eating my lunch in the kitchen.


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