Posted by: Marisa | October 23, 2011

Little Man J’s Car Bed

When I went to the fire station to have the car seats installed a few months ago and they found out I was having twins they looked at the seats to see if they were approved to carry babies less then 5 lbs. Apparently, some car seats are now made to carry babies as small as four pounds…not ours though. I half-jokingly commented that there was no way they’d let a baby smaller then 5lbs leave the hospital. They seriously told me that babies weighing less went home all the time. I didn’t believe them…

…Until Little Man J dropped 11% of his birth weight and was sent home at 4lbs 14oz. Since our car seats aren’t approved for babies under 5lbs he got to spend two weeks driving around in this, very comfy looking, car bed.



  1. […] we brought him home from the hospital J was so small, weighing less then 5 pounds. And he was pretty lethargic for the first few days which I thought […]

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