Posted by: Marisa | November 13, 2011

How Two: Grocery Shop With Twins

Sometimes people clap and cheer when you enter a building…sometimes they clap and cheer when you leave. Yesterday was my first trip to the grocery store with both boys and as I was leaving there might have been a few people celebrating our departure.

Sure, J might have screamed his way through isles four, eight,and nine but the rest of the time he kept the whimpering to a dull roar.

Of course, L got screwed out of his pacifier somewhere in the middle of isle nine when I stole from Peter to pay Paul…aka, when I snagged the paci out of L’s mouth so I could cork J. L made his cute whimper face but didn’t make any noise about it. Sorry buddy but the squeaky wheel got the paci this time.

Even with a double stroller, a fussy J, and five gazillion people stopping me to ask if I the boys are twins, I was able to get all the items on my list. I’d say that our first grocery shopping trip was a success.

My strategy for grocery shopping with twins: 

– Keep it simple. This wasn’t a re-stock the pantry type of shopping trip. My list had under twenty items on it and I knew that if all hell broke loose the only two items that really mattered were coffee and pumpkin spice creamer. Everything else was a bonus.

– We walked to the store because it was nice out and it takes the same amount of time to walk there as it does to schlep two car seats to the car, buckle the boys in, wrestle with the stroller, etc.

– I used my extra large carabiner to carry my reusable shopping bags and instead of messing with a shopping cart I hung them from the stroller and put items directly from the shelf into the bags. Then, when I got to the checkout line I just handed the bags to the cashier and she unloaded them, scanned the items, and put them back in the bags.

At some point I’m going to have to do a big grocery trip with both boys so if anyone has tips for how to navigate that situation with twins I’d love to know!


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