Posted by: Marisa | November 18, 2011

A Little Spittle

L learned a new trick today.

When it came time for him to projectile spit-up he turned his head and let loose all over a burp cloth that just happened to have been left on the couch last night. This means several things; L is no longer crying, my shirt is still clean and can be worn for at least another few hours (well, it can be worn clean for the next few hours. Lets face it, even if it were dirty and covered in spit up I’d still be wearing it), and we finally put that custom made burp cloth to use.

Since I’m sure my kid is the smartest kid to ever spittle on this earth, today marked the last time he’ll ever miss the burp cloth. Suh-weet!

Update: Since writing this post L has managed to miss the burp cloth every time he has spit up. Included in the list of items he has managed to spit on are the common landing spots like the freshly cleaned sheets on the bed in the nursery, my clothes, and the rocker. But in a twist of fate that only happens when there are two babies, this morning he managed to lean over and projectile spit-up all over the back of J’s head.


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