Posted by: Marisa | November 22, 2011

Seven Weeks Old!

I cannot believe that the boys are seven weeks old already!

Here are some updates and milestones from week seven:

  • If I had to guess I’d say they are about 9 pounds each.
  • The boys are officially outgrowing their newborn clothes and diapers. They seem to be fine with this transition but mama is struggling because I like them all small and itty-bitty. To be honest, if you stopped by randomly you’d probably find them oozing out of a newborn outfit still. This is partially because the 0-3 month old clothes are big and the boys don’t quite fit in them but, truth-be-told, it’s because I’m completely unwilling to let go of the newborn phase and have found it easier to torture them then let go. Welcome to the rest of your lives boys.
  • We made our first trip to the swimming pool!! This was much more exciting for me then for them but they both seemed to enjoy it. A post with pictures and the full story will follow at some point.
  • Their smiles are still poop-induced but they are cute none-the-less.
  • We’ve started spreading out their feedings to every four hours (thank God!) and they seem to be doing pretty well with that. There are still some days where they eat every three but for the most part we have been able to stick to a four hour schedule and they are doing awesome with the transition.


  1. wow every 4! that’s awesome. my girls still like to nurse every 2-3 at almost 4 months during waking hours. what a treat to go that long. they are so adorable and they do grow fast. i completely understand your hanging onto the newborn sizes.

    • Are you feeding them on a schedule or on demand? Is your doctor telling you to feed them at those intervals? I’ve pushed their feedings to every 4 hours but wonder if they should be eating more often. They seem to be okay with the four hours but sometimes get fussy a little before then. Of course, that makes me wonder if I’m supposed to be feeding them more often. It’s crazy trying to figure this all out. Most parents tell me that they never fed based on a schedule but with twins who were born tiny things aren’t always the same, ya know?

  2. we fed our girls very frequently 1-2 hour intervals in the beginning because they were low in weight. well born at 6lb 4 and 11 oz but dropped some initially. So we fed on schedule and actually had to wake them all night long to feed every 2ish hours. this was our peds suggestion and it did work. they gained and eventually we stopped when they started really gaining. now they still seem to like to eat really frequently but will go longer stretches at night. so I wouldn’t worry about it. if they were hungry they would tell you. if they aren’t gaining then the worry would be that they are not getting enough nutrients to have energy to demand food. this is how the ped doctor explained to us in the early weeks. But if they’re gaining weight then you’re fine. the beginning weeks are very stressful so hang in there.

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