Posted by: Marisa | December 17, 2011

Not Clean

Even showers are different now that I have kids.

There’s no point in explaining all the details of what my old showers consisted of but just know that I was efficient, had a routine that left me squeaky clean, and showered often.

Today I got into the shower, stood with my feet shoulder width apart, put my hand against the wall, dropped my head a bit, and acknowledged to myself how great the warm water felt. And then fell asleep. I woke up when the water started getting cold…and I got out.

My first shower in three days and I didn’t touch the soap, shampoo, razor, washcloth, or any of a million bottles of scented cleaning product that were there for my consumption.

But I got a hot water tank worth of shut-eye so I feel pretty good about the whole thing.


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