Posted by: Marisa | January 1, 2012

Back to Life. Back to Reality.


Tomorrow morning I’ll get up, shower, feed the boys, and head back to my cubicle in corporate America.

It’s a little like the first day of the school but weightier. The excitement of seeing what the future holds has kept me up the past few nights but the thought of leaving the boys tugs at me. They’re just starting to interact with each other, smile, coo, and do all kinds of cute baby things. I don’t want to miss out on these moments and I know all too well that soon they’ll be gone.

But my career…

And our bills…

And my career…

And the fact that when there isn’t much that has to be accomplished in a day I don’t accomplish much at all. But when there are a million things to do I seem to be able to get a million things done.

Because, lets face it, I’m ready to have a schedule, routine, and boss to report to again. I’m ready to be held accountable to my pre-pregnancy clothes, to interact with other professionals in my field, and to entertain the thought of going to the gym. I’m ready to jump back into what my life was before I was a short-term stay at home mom…

…but I’m not ready at all.


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