Posted by: Marisa | January 2, 2012

Dairy Farmer and Working Mom Collide

What do you get when you combine a dairy farmer and a working mom?

A really awkward pumping session in a conference room that is so far from sound proof that I can hear people flipping through papers at their desks outside. And I’m sure they can hear the unmistakeable “give me more milk” whir of the pump…this isn’t uncomfortable or anything.

S0 I’ve turned on some country music…really loud. Because they won’t catch on to the fact that twice a day the country music goes and a few minutes later there is excess milk in the fridge or anything.



  1. […] found something more awkward then pumping in a conference room with thin walls; Realizing the conference room I need is booked every day during pump time…by my young, […]

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