Posted by: Marisa | January 10, 2012

Bit of a Chaotic Start

2011 was a great year but the transition to 2012 wasn’t exactly smooth sailing.

One chaotic event after another led to a pretty big snowball of stress that has definitely left me wondering how we’re going to handle the holidays next time around.

The start of the snowball: Driving across four states (and back) for Christmas with newborn twins.

The trip seemed lofty but not overwhelming. Then for Christmas very excited family members spoiled the kids with a shit-ton of gifts. Said piles of gifts were stuffed into the van for the return trip. Extra bags in the isles of the van caused us to be unable to get to crying babies or the items we’d  need to quiet them. This led to marital yelling. The long trip through the night, the crying babies, and the marital yelling led to four very tired individuals. Tired individuals don’t want to unpack a van full of stuff. Nor do they want to find room in a very small townhouse to store said stuff. So the stuff sat there for two days. Stress. It sat there in front of a dying Christmas tree that needed to be taken down along with all the other Christmas decorations in the house. But there wasn’t time to take down the Christmas decorations because we were trying to catch up on sleep, entertain off-schedule twins, build an addition onto our house to store our new stuff, celebrate New Years Eve, grocery shop, and prepare for my return to work.

Woah. Glad all of that is over.


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