Posted by: Marisa | February 10, 2012

Little Man “L”

There are so many things about Little Man L that I adore and some of them he’s starting to out-grow so I figured I should jot them down before I forget them.

Body Parts

When he was first born I instantly fell in love with his chin. He pulled it back and sucked in his bottom lip in a way that I thought was just so freaking cute. Turns out that his chin being recessed was a result of really tight spacing in the womb which caused his jaw to be pushed in for the better part of 9 months. Over the past five months it has started to pop back out, just like the pediatrician said it would. His chin will always be cute in my eyes but I’m not going to lie, I miss the smooshed in chin.

His “O” Face…ah, melts my heart!

I love his thumbs. I can’t explain it and couldn’t find a picture but I fell in love with them during his two week thumb-sucking phase.This whole thumb sucking thing was a lot of work for Little L. First he couldn’t get his thumb to separate from his fist. Then he couldn’t get his thumb to his mouth. He finally figured out that he could guide his thumb to his mouth using his other hand and this was exciting but soon became frustrating. You see, once he got his thumb to his mouth he would promptly remove both hands from his face region and to his dismay his thumb would go with them. This made him cry. He finally figured out that in order to suck his cutie-patootie thumb he had to keep his fist against his lips. But that seemed like a lot of work so he promptly gave up thumb-sucking and returned to his pacifier addiction.

The Things He Does

When Little Man L finishes eating he smacks his lips and it makes the same noise you hear when someone is licking their fingers after a particularly good meal. It’s really cute and reminds me of something an old man would do.

When the boys were first born I’d always tell Little Man J that he was going to have to watch out for Little  Man L on the playground because I was worried that Little Man L was going to get beat up. I’m not sure why I felt this would happen but there was just something about L that made me worry. His chin was recessed, his head was huge, he had a whimper of a cry that made us feel bad for him, and he startled really easily. Oh yea, and his eyes were crossed. Oh yea, and he snorted! A lot. Every time he’d cry he’d snort and he’d startle himself and his little, recessed chin would quiver. It was adorable but all I could think was that any kid who wears coke bottle glasses, snorts, and startles easily is a target on the playground. The snorting is gone now. His eyes aren’t crossed, his chin is out, and he doesn’t startle anymore. My fears of him being an easy playground target are gone but I miss all those things. He was a squished up newborn but so freaking cute!

I already mentioned it but L’s cry was adorable and heartbreaking all in one. He would start off with a little whimper and would build to this stereotypical “waah” sound. It never got very loud but his “oohh-waaa-a-a-a-aahhh. snort” combined with all the items I listed above made for an over-the-top dramatic cry that caused us to laugh…and then run to comfort him because he seemed to fragile and…well sad.

The Mister and I always got a good laugh from Little Man L’s eyes. See, his head was so big that it took him awhile to come up with the strength to move it but he was inquisitive from the minute he was born so he was always looking at the world around him. His eyes would dart from left to right tracking people or objects in front of him. They were always moving. When he was swaddled everything would be still…except the eyes. He looked like one of those cat clocks where the big black eyes move back and forth and we used to sit and watch him with such amusement.  Even as he started to gain the strength to move his  head he would track an object as long as physically possible without turning it. Just his eyes would move. And once the object was just far enough to the left where he couldn’t see it anymore he’d finally move his head. It always cracked us up. Even now that he has plenty of strength to move his head he’ll sometimes only move his eyes. My favorite is when we see him peeking out from under a blanket and it’s just his eyes moving around. So cute!

Little Man L is quieter then his brother. We knew he was going to be from the minute he was born. Isn’t that crazy? We had him pegged when he was just a few hours old because he was more laid back right from the start. He’s more pensive and seems to enjoy watching rather then jumping right in. He’s quiet, sweet, smart, and a snuggler. He was the second baby to hold his head up and to start making noise but the first to understand that if he pushes a button on his toy it’ll light up, the first to reach for things, and the first to roll from side to side. It’s our guess that while J will be the first to crawl he will do so like an erratic crazy man whereas L will sit back, observe, come up with a strategy, and calmly crawl his way around.

Oh Little Man L…he’s going to be my mama’s boy.






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