Posted by: Marisa | February 12, 2012

Little Man “J”

There are so many things about Little Man “J” that I adore and some of them he’s starting to out-grow so I figured I should jot them down before I forget them. 

Before the boys were born everyone would ask if we already knew which baby was going to be “J” and which was “L”. We didn’t because we were going to decide once we met them. But over time I began telling people that whichever baby came out with Jazz Hands was going to be “J”. I kid you not this picture is from the first night in the hospital, hours after we’d named the boys. The Jazz Hands have entered the building. J’s deaf sign is jazz hands.

Body Parts

When J’s belly-button-crusty-cord-thing fell off he was left with the largest outie belly button I’ve ever seen. When he coughed it would push out even more which always made me laugh. It was freaking huge. Imagine an outie belly button the size of my middle finger tip down to the end of my finger nail. I couldn’t help but wonder if it would be awkward for him when he got older and people could see his big ol’ outie belly button through his shirt. I guess when you’re four pounds your belly button seems to poke out extra far because as he put on weight the button shrunk and now it’s an innie.

J had a red smiley face tattoo behind his ear when he was born and I loved it from the second I saw it. Turns out the call those tattoo’s Hemangiomas and every day the smiley face gets a little thicker, as those things do, so now it’s more of a blob but I love it none-the-less. Every day I give it a little kiss and am doing my best to enjoy it before it starts to break up and go away.

For the first few weeks of his life J would move his hands and his arms as if he was practicing a form of meditative karate. His hands would open and close as his arms moved around, crossing his body, rising above his head, circling back towards his stomach in a slow and methodical fashion. Compared to L’s erratic and uncontrolled arm movements this was strangely soothing to watch.

I’ve always thought that J looked like Fievel the mouse (from American Tale) and my late Grandma R. When he was born he looked like the cutest little mouse-alien-old man-baby-thing with puffy eyes, wrinkled hands, and red-ish baby fine hair. So cute!

The Things He Does

When we brought him home from the hospital J was so small, weighing less then 5 pounds. And he was pretty lethargic for the first few days which I thought was completely normal. Grumpa made small comments here or there about not feeling comfortable with how sleepy J was but I didn’t think much of it. Finally he pulled me aside and expressed real concern over how J was acting and strongly suggested that I talk to another lactation consultant to make sure J was getting enough to eat. Sure enough, he wasn’t so we started supplementing him with formula. Hours after the first formula feeding there was a noticeable difference in the way J was acting. We continued supplementing with formula until J was able to get enough Mama Milk and from there he started putting on some healthy weight.

I knew when he was in my womb that J was going to be a spitfire. When I was pregnant the right side of my stomach was in constant motion. There was always an elbow, knee, heel, head, or butt bulging out and moving around. That was J. I could tell when he was stretching out because he would straighten his legs and push against L forcing his body to bulge on my right side and L’s body to bulge on my left causing my stomach to look like the top of a heart. Morning, noon, and night that kid never stopped moving. Now that he’s out it’s the same thing. He squirms and moves and looks around and is such a little explorer.

Little Man J doesn’t cry much but when he does it comes on fast and furious. One minute he’s fine and the next he’s screaming. And it sounds like a Tyrannosaurus Rex is in our house (Aww – Caww – Caww). The Mister does an awesome impersonation. The boy literally goes from 0 – 60 in seconds. For the most part he’s really happy but when he’s not happy, watch out.

Just like his mama, J loves to hear himself talk. The minute he figured out how to make noise he started playing with volume. And once he figured out how to make loud noises and soft noises he started playing with making noise when his mouth was against our shoulders and when it wasn’t, paying attention to the hollow sounds. We’re constantly entertained when we hear him playing with sounds.

He’s going to be our lady’s man and he’s already practicing his flirting skills. The minute he could smile he started flashing it whenever someone was talking to him. When we take out the camera he poses which is so freaking cute but he gets confused when the video camera comes out because he strikes a pose and just keeps holding it which makes for pretty uneventful video.

Little Man J is going to be our independent explorer. He’s already so curious about the world and isn’t afraid of anything. He’s chatty and loves being around people. I have a feeling that he’s going to be our little trouble maker but also our biggest entertainer.



  1. Marisa,

    I love your blog. You make me smile . . . and of course the pictures of these cute boys do too.

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