Posted by: Marisa | February 13, 2012

Daycare – Day One

Of course we showed up to daycare this morning and J’s entire left eye was full of disgusting green goobers. That was nice. Because nothing screams, “we’re awesome parents” like showing up on the first day with dirty kids. The sad part is that the first time I’d actually seen him all morning was when I was pulling him out of his car seat. Sure, I had fed both of them but when I was laying there at 6am it was dark and, really, how much of their faces can I see when they’re stuck to the teet?

Our new morning routine is that I feed them and then pass them off to the Mr. who packs them up and puts them in the car while I finish getting ready for work. So literally, the first time I see them in daylight is at daycare…mental note, check for eye crust before we leave the house. Or at the very least, pick it out before we walk into the building.

In other Bad Parenting News; We proceeded to forget L’s paci, which he is completely addicted to, at home. When we realized our mistake we looked at each other, shrugged, and told the daycare woman that if L needs a paci, which he will, she should just give him J’s. Would most people think that’s gross? Because in our house if there is a screaming baby then he gets a plug. Any plug. And sometimes that means we Paci-Steal and snag a warm, slobbery paci straight from the mouth of a quiet babe just to get Captain Crier to stop.  But the Mr. and I aren’t sure if the general population would think that letting your kids share paci’s is a faux pas. We discussed this last night and decided that others might think it’s unsanitary. And since dirty kids and gross things like paci sharing could be grounds for calling CPS the Mr. and I decided that in addition to bathing the boys we’d designate and label paci’s – you know, so daycare would think that we had our shit together and were sanitary, non-paci sharing parents.

Our only goal for day one was to successfully impersonate a set of parents who had it all pulled together. But now that I think about it, are any of you shocked that it was my kids who showed up dirty and with half the required amount of pacifiers? Because, really, it’s so typically me.



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