Posted by: Marisa | February 16, 2012

How Two: Survive The First Sixty Days

The first few weeks that we had our Little Men home I struggled with how I was ever going to manage life without ten pair of hands around to help. It felt like just when I got the boys downstairs one of them would need something that I’d left upstairs. Or the minute I sat on the couch to feed them I’d realize that I didn’t have water, or a burp cloth, or my glasses, or something else I needed. When there were other people around they could help me pick up the missing pieces but once they were gone I knew I was going to be in trouble.

So I started making lists. For everything. And it made my life a million times easier because before I did anything I checked my list, packed what I needed in my zillion pocket bag, and took my babies and my bag around the house.

Here are some of the details:

I wrote all of my lists on the back of baby cards that we’d received. This was an easy way to recycle and the cardstock was sturdy enough to handle some wear and tear.

Bath Time List:

Nothing is worse then getting both babies into the bathroom for bath time only to realize that the second baby to bathe has pooped himself. Now he’s crying because you’ve gotten him all naked. You have nothing to wipe him with and he is quickly turning into a naked-warewolf-baby. Your only option is to take him back to the nursery to grab wipes but doing so means that wet baby #1 who is laying on the bathroom floor will start screaming when you open the bathroom door and break the warm-air-seal. Now you have two screaming-warewolf babies. If you hadn’t forgotten the wipes, or the diaper, or the second towel, or their clean outfits then you wouldn’t have to break the warm-air-seal until they were bathed and fully dressed and, people, that cold air will make the babies cry every time.

Nursing List:

Once there are babies on the teet it’s virtually impossible to move so you are stuck there until they are done. If you get thirsty but have no water then you think about lemons and swallow whatever spit you can conjure up. If you want to read but don’t have your glasses then you sit there staring at a wall until they are done. If you dropped the remote while flipping past MTV and are unfortunate enough to have Jersey Shore playing in front of you…yup, you’re stuck with some serious Snookie time. So I made sure to have all of the following items with me before I sat down to nurse.


Upstairs/Downstairs List: 

The bedrooms in our house are upstairs, the living space is downstairs, and it never failed that something was left behind when we transitioned. Nothing sucks more then a screaming baby who!!  except being 4 weeks postpartum, having two of those right now babies and having to climb a zillion stairs to get the pacifier. So every morning and night before I transitioned to the appropriate part of the house I’d pack the bag according to this list:



  1. Very helpful! I have my stack of cards ready to be listed upon. I must ask though… by “foot blankets” do you mean socks, or is there a mysterious world of foot blanketry of which I have no knowledge?

    • Hey Molly, “foot blankets” are the swaddle blankets we stole got from the hospital that had little colored footprints on them. We swaddled the boys forever so they needed to go upstairs and downstairs with us. Also, when I was bf’ing they were perfect for propping pillows or babies to keep them in place. Happy list making!

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