Posted by: Marisa | February 29, 2012

When It Rains It Pours

Raise your hand if you and your husband were laid off from your jobs the same.exact.freaking.week.

*raising hand*  to the song with the lyrics “put your hands up-up”

When my husband lost his job we were only a little upset about it because when we factored in the cost of daycare, 80 miles of commute per day, and time away from the boys it was pretty much a wash. He was going to look for a job closer to home and enjoy some more Daddy time which I was fine with because, ya know, I had some bacon to bring home.

But when I lost my job…shit. I went home and sat  on the couch across from my husband, each of us with a baby snuggled on our laps, and just stared at him. Where do we even go from here? It’s such a crazy and surreal feeling and, I suppose, a bit scary.

But not as scary as I think it should be and that’s what’s odd. Dare I say that I’m even a little excited? Don’t get me wrong, the thought of having bills and life-things to pay for can be overwhelming if I let myself get caught up in it but we have a bit of money in the bank and I have no shame tapping into the unemployment system. And I just feel like we’ll find jobs soon.

Secretly, it was time for a change though. My husband worked an hour from home and I hated that. I’ve been trying to get him to look for a job closer for years…now he is. And I’ve wanted to find a job where I can truly focus on my speaking skills for years but have been too afraid to take a leap…I’ve already had one speaking engagement and I’ve only been laid off a week. My gut is telling me that things are going to be okay.

But it doesn’t stop me from waking up every morning, leaning over my babies cribs and saying, “Little Men, have you found jobs yet today? Because those diapers don’t grown on trees”






  1. I’m so sorry Marisa. What are the odds? You and John are both bright, special people and hopefully it won’t be long before you find something new. It’s amazing that you can look on the “bright side” of the situation. I know you will be okay. Those babies will cheer you up in the meantime, I’m sure! Best to both of you.

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