Posted by: Marisa | March 27, 2012

Sleep Struggles

For the better part of five months the boys were really easy to put to sleep. We’d turn down the lights, feed them, rock them, and lay them in their cribs. Little Man L would fuss a little if he wasn’t asleep before we put him down but J would just lay in his crib and put himself to sleep. For bot of them, if they were quiet in our arms, they would be quiet and fall asleep once we put them down.

For the past week though the boys have really struggled to fall asleep even if we rocked them until they were sleeping. It seems like right when they hit the mattress one of them starts crying and that wakes the other one up too, which is rare because typically they are pretty immune to the others crying. Then we’re in the midst of two crying babies who are suddenly wide awake. When The Mister and I are both there it’s not too bad but last weekend I was home alone and it took me hours to get both of the boys back to sleep because the minute I’d put one in the crib he’d start to scream and would wake the other one up. Finally I resorted to putting our night-light into L’s crib and that kept him calm for long enough for me to get J to sleep.

I’m not sure if it’s a growth spurt (which would be great) or if they’re teething but whatever it is it’s causing them to struggle.


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