Posted by: Marisa | April 10, 2012

Uncle M

The boys are always so calm when there are lots of people around and we often hear about what good babies they are. Little Man J likes to flirt and Little Man L likes to snuggle, both of which are a hit wherever we go. And they rarely cry when they’re being held so people often comment about how easy they are.

But the reality is that when we’re home alone with them it’s not always easy. Sure there are two adults so in theory we can each hold one but when each adult has a fussy-screaming-poop filled-warewolf-baby in their arms who cooks dinner, finishes the laundry, goes grocery shopping, or chases down those pesky dust bunnies? Two people can hold two fussy babies but it’s hard to do anything else in those situations.

Uncle M came over tonight so The Mister and I could get some chores done and at one point the warewolf babies came out to play. Knowing that they were in good hands downstairs we ignored the fussing and carried on, smiling at each other because it’s always sort of fun to torture little brothers. A few minutes later the fussing was still going on and we could hear Uncle M doing his best to entertain, distract, and quiet the babies. It wasn’t working but we kept doing our thing. When we finally decided to relieve M we found him pacing back and forth in the living room lightly jostling the babies and trying to get them to take their pacifiers. He smiled as I reached for Little Man L and said, “His diaper is full of shit but I wasn’t about to get near that”.

A little while later (after a round of diaper changes) I came back downstairs and found Uncle M chillin’ with the boys. So cute!




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