Posted by: Marisa | May 14, 2012

Mother’s Day

I’m not sure how I feel about Mother’s Day.

Sure, when we were out for dinner and the Japanese man who owns the steakhouse came over to take a complimentary Mother’s Day picture of our family I teared up over my relief that I finally get to be part of the in-crowd. And I love having babies, being a mom, and having a day dedicated to that…but only because I’ve crossed over.

There is a piece of me though that’s stuck in infertility hell and can’t get out; that is so jaded by years of feeling sad, isolated, bitter, and broken that I can’t help but to shun the day just a little. I ignored all the mommy posts on Facebook today and took a moment to reach out to those I know who, instead of being moms, are dealing with another failed IVF cycle, an adoption that fell through, and a surrogate that backed out. For them, today is hell and because of that I struggle to fully embrace it.



  1. Hi Marisa,
    You must check out the following site: and read her article “An open letter to pastors”……..

    • Great Post Colleen. Thanks for sharing. For those of you who would like to read it you can do so here.

  2. Well written, Marisa.

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