Posted by: Marisa | June 1, 2012

How Two: Go Shopping With One

We have three, count it, three double strollers: One for the car seats, one to jog with, and a tandem…you know, for when I feel the urge to push a stroller that’s exactly as long as I am tall. When I was going scan-happy at the baby store I figured these three strollers would ensure that all our bases were covered.

But never once did I consider that I might find myself schlepping a single 17 pound baby around the mall…until today. It seemed a bit dramatic to pull out the double-wide for only one baby so I carried him. But then I got tired. And by the time I was leaving the mall I was holding him with a death grip by the back of his pants and he was sagging and hanging at my side like a really heavy rag-doll. Of course, I was causing a scene…and it wasn’t the usualwow look at that twin-mom she’s freaking amazingone.

So if you’re a twin mom looking for tips on going shopping with one baby – bring a single stroller. Because even though three should be plenty, just like everything in twin-land, it’s never enough.


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