Posted by: Marisa | June 7, 2012

New Things

Sometimes it’s easier to put your kid in a basket then to let him roam free…hey, whatever works.

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When J stood up while holding onto the basket it was the first time he’s pulled up…ever. And I caught it on camera at the same time I was shrieking for the Mister “Oh mmmyyy…ooohhhh…J’s on his feeeetttt!” Then he fell backwards, hit his head on the floor and screamed for 3 minutes…but hey, I got the moment on camera so I feel pretty good about that.

Now, pulling up is his new thing…

And… drum roll please…

There might have been another while mom’s so busy catching this shot with her stupid camera I’m about to fall and…ouchie, hit my head, screaming on the floor moment two seconds after this shot was taken.



  1. Ooooh you’re in trouble now! It begins! I bet Little Man L will not be far behind now….

  2. Bumbles bounce

  3. Thanks Marisa. I love your posts – – they make me smile!!

  4. You certainly made us laugh with your descriptions of J’s conquest. Just love L sitting calmly watching everything around him. Sweet, sweet pics. So glad you were able to capture this event 🙂

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