Posted by: Marisa | August 10, 2012

How Two: Stroller With Infants

One of the most researched items we own are our strollers and the most common questions I get from expectant twin moms revolve around these four wheels…or three in some cases.

When I was pregnant with the boys I ran into a woman with infant twins in a parking lot and she told me two pieces of advice; get the Snap N Go stroller and ignore people who tell you in an exasperated voice how much your life is going to suck because you’re having twins and life is going to be so hard. 

I’ll rant about the unsolicited comments  in another post but for now, get a Double Snap N Go by Baby Trend. It’s the only stroller I tell people expecting twins that they have to get. By the way, this isn’t an advertisement for SNG  or a sponsored blog post…though I’d be damn happy to be accepting their money right now (ahhem..sponsors…).

The idea behind the Snap N Go stroller is that it’s just the frame and the car seats snap into it. That makes it really light weight and easy to get in and out of the car, which means new mama’s who can’t lift heavy things can handle it. It completely eliminates the need to take babies in and out of their car seats which is a huge time-saver and helps keep babies out of the cold or hot air any longer then they have to be.

I will say that you should practice putting the car seats into the stroller before you and your mother are standing in the pouring rain monsoon at the Piggly Wiggly  trying to get two, five day old infants into said stroller. Even if you end up putting the car seats in facing the wrong way the chances of you running into another twin mom inside said Piggly Wiggly who notices the mistake are slim. I just happen to be especially skilled at being caught at my mistakes. So the stroller isn’t idiot-proof but it’s pretty easy to use.

At about $90, they aren’t terribly expensive either.

If this blog post were brought to you by Snap N Go I’d end things now with a little nudge towards your nearest overpriced baby depot but since it’s not…buy a used one. They typically have very little wear and tear because the cargo is an infant which means the parents are all ‘oh no I would never think of trying to off road this baby over that curb’. By the time the parents start to get reckless and the kids are old enough to muck up a stroller it’s time to move on to another one. So buy used then turn around and re-sell it to the next twin mama. If you’re slick like me you’ll charge a few bucks extra and enjoy a grande skinny caramel late on their tab.

The boys first trip to the pumpkin patch and first experience with a mom and Grandma photo shoot! One week old.



  1. We ended up getting a stroller that can accommodate two infant car seats! But it was by chance … we were going to get a different stroller and a snap-n-go, but the other stroller was too wide for our apartment building front door. So the only stroller narrow enough turns out takes two car seats (bizarre, right? the narrower stroller takes TWO car seats when the wider ones don’t!). Since we’re more likely to walk places than take a car, we’re holding off on the snap-n-go and going to see how it goes stuffing the two car seats into the stroller.

    • Hi Robin,

      Thanks for stopping by and commenting. City living certainly brings a different element to things but it seems like you found a good solution! Not having to drag a stroller in and out of the car will be so nice and could eliminate the need for the SNG completely. If you guys walk everywhere it’s actually going to make life easier in a lot of ways because even as the babies get older you can just plop them in the stroller and go. I’m a little envious because getting them in and out of the car is the longest part of any of our outings.

      Have you registered or bought a “mommy hook” for the stroller? If so, definitely get a few…maybe I’ll do a review of mine on here and some others I’ve seen that I think could be better then mine.

  2. I am so going to ask your mom if she remembers this episode.

  3. Aunt Vicki, You should definitely ask her about it! I ended up meeting the other twin mom from that day at a Moms of Multiples meeting a few months later and we had a good laugh over the stroller incident.
    it was pretty funny.

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