Posted by: Marisa | August 20, 2012

Product Review: Worst Baby Food Making Tray Ever

If you’re planning on making your own baby food stay away from this tray. It gets a big, postpartum-ly fat, thumbs down which means it’s pretty freaking bad.

Here’s why:

Number One: Where’s the lid? I’m not sure if this was just an oversight or a cost saving measure but freezer-burnt baby food…gross.

Number Two: The one-ounce cubes are too small for a legit serving of food – especially with twins.

Number Three: Because the cubes are only one ounce you are forced to fill them to the brim, making it impossible to simply turn the tray over and push the food out from the bottom like you can do with other trays.

Number Four: I freaking hate this tray.

Number Five: The cubes are too deep. Because you have to fill them to the brim but can’t ‘flip and pop’ you have to dig and squeeze, and pull, and fight, and coherce each individual freaking cube out. And there is a suction thing happening that causes the cube to have some fight in it.

Number Six: All this cube fighting happens with your hands, which are warm, and cause frozen cubes of baby puree to mush at the edges. Now you have gooped up hands and a pile of half melted, slimy, one ounce cubes on the counter top.  When you put these popsi-messes into a freezer bag to store (because, remember, you can’t store them in the original tray because there is no lid) they stick together and now you have one big chunk of baby food worthlessness that you have to chisel apart with a knife while trying to tend to two, screaming, hungry, crying, warewolf babies.

I hate this tray.

The end.



  1. You have werewolve kids? My are vampires…sometimes they suck the life blood from me 🙂

  2. I had to laugh at this review. I have two of those trays (well similar at least) and though it’s been over a year since I’ve made baby food I remember my love/hate relationship with them 🙂

  3. Oh Marisa.. I love you! And your writing!!!

  4. […] something that makes me crazy like high chairs with wheels, safety locks that don’t work, or terribly designed baby food containers then I am for products that work the way they’re supposed to. I mean, stuff is supposed to […]

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