Posted by: Marisa | August 23, 2012

Hiyah Brother!

After ten months of double the diapers, double the bottles, double the all-nighters, double the mess it’s actually starting to feel like we have twins and not just two babies. Does that even make sense? Two babies exist next to each other and take twice the energy, but don’t do fun twin things because each one is busy figuring out what he’s supposed to be doing with his own little, blobby, baby self in this world. He doesn’t have the motor control or brain bandwidth to worry about that other blob over there. 

But now?! We have twins! And it’s so much freaking fun!  

Specific things they do:

  • If a baby starts crying in his crib and the other is around the house playing he’ll crawl over to the bedroom door and wait outside until we let him him to see his brother.
  • When they wake up they look for each other and when they see the other baby both break into huge smiles. Sometimes this sets off a firestorm of giggles.
  • When they’re crawling past each other in the hallway one will stop, raise his arms to the other, and then they’ll fall into each other and wrestle for a few seconds. When one of them is over it they’ll simply crawl apart and carry on with their own thing as if they are the only baby around.

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  1. Fantastic pictures!

  2. Love the narrative. Pictures are too cute and J and L seem to have fun together.

  3. Sounds familiar. Love it & love you. Miss you guys!

  4. I simply love this posting! I’m so glad they are finally interacting.

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