Posted by: Marisa | August 24, 2012

Photo Friday: Pirates and More

I’d say we had a pretty busy week.

Picnic In The Park





Just as we started stuffing our faces the bootcamp-rambo-FASTER, FASTER, FASTER! crew showed up. Thanks to our strategic placement we saved them from having to use an orange cone to mark the turn-around for their sprint drills. Glad to help out folks.


Random Pictures From Around The House. 

Sometimes when I take a turd in my highchair I have to sit in it with no cover…today is one of those days and I’m taking it out on this here peach.


I didn’t turd in my highchair.


When mom pulls out her camera I like to make this face.


When I think she’s not looking I make better faces.

When I make this face I look like a bird. L, why is your foot in my shot?

Sometimes I smile. Just not for the camera.

And then we went to the Pirate Festival!

Pirate day at a local park…not sure who was more excited, J or the guy in the back.


It wouldn’t be a proper Pirate Festival without some homemade onesies. Aargh!


Me lost me teeth lookin’ for treasure. Meeh–aargh.


Aargh…me drank too much Pirate Punch and the only thing still standin is me wooden leg.



I found my tooth…still missing that treasure.










  1. Thank you for making my day. I can’t tell you enough how we enjoy your postings.

  2. I love those homemade pirate onesies! So cute!

    • Thanks Robin. The only thing I can take credit for is the Aargh. My husband did everything else.

  3. You just happened to have a big mirror in your bag at the park on Pirate Day? Shiver me timbers

    • Aunt Vicki, can’t leave home without a car full of photo props, right? 😉

      The mirror pictures were taken in our yard at some point during the week.

  4. These pix are great! and the captions and storyline are perfect.

  5. Looks like it was a family fun day. Pirates seem to be happy holding J and L but L doesn’t seem to be too sure. Love L’s wooden leg pic and the one with J and the “missing teeth”. It’s like don’t mess with me!!!!!!!!

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