Posted by: Marisa | August 28, 2012

Put Down The Twinkies

I’ve been complaining for years that doctors don’t email with patients. I mean, seriously, the hassle of picking up the phone, dialing all those numbers, explaining my situation to the office manager, being transferred to the doctors line, leaving a message, and stalking my phone for a return call was so 2008.

We move, I get a new doctor, they use email.

This morning, waiting patiently in my inbox was my first ever (unsolicited mind you) email correspondence with my doctor. I don’t have it in front of me but if I remember correctly it said, “Dear Marisa,  you are ten seconds and two Twinkies away from being considered obese. Maybe you should get off the couch, start moving, and stop nom nom-ing all that crap-for- food.”





  1. WHAT????? Are you kidding me!?!?!? Not sure if I should laugh, cry, or throw something. Oh dear…..

  2. I want your doctor!

  3. A doctor that says (or writes anyway) nom nom? Pretty sweet. But not as sweet as Twinkies.

  4. My guess is that this was Marisa’s translation of the weight line in the “new patient info” email. There will likely be another post about how her eyes are green and not brown as listed…

    • HAHA John you are so totally right. Love it!

  5. […] review: This week we laid low around the house, L stood up on his own, the boys got haircuts, and I mis-quoted my doctor causing quite the stir in my comment section and inbox. As much as I’ve fooled people into […]

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