Posted by: Marisa | August 31, 2012

Photo Friday: The Smack-Down & The Truth

A week in review: This week we laid low around the house, L stood up on his own, the boys got haircuts, and I mis-quoted my doctor causing quite the stir in my comment section and inbox. As much as I’ve fooled people into thinking this blog is about baby updates, what with…all the baby updates… it’s really my creative outlet; my chance to capture the world as I see it and to document the moments and thoughts I don’t want to forget. Some of these are completely based in reality and others…well, lets face it, reality isn’t always very exciting and no one cares what my official doctors report said. Twinkies and nom noming are my interpretation of the story and, I promise, it’s the most exciting version. I try my best to make it pretty obvious when I’m manipulating the truth (although based on all the emails/comments I definitely failed on this last one) but on this blog there will always be some embellishment because I firmly believe in the following:

So sit back, relax, and enjoy the story.

Playing In The Pool 

You know those kids who put garbage pails on their heads and then roam around the house running into walls? …Just sayin’.

Smiling for pictures, overrated. Drinking dirty pool water out of a pan on your head, fun new baby bar trick.

You stole me treasure you slimy fish!

Around The House

Some shrink on Pinterest told my mom that if she doesn’t get us a kiddie toilet right away we’re going to have a pooping complex and since Pinterest is the new Doctor Google…well, lets just say I have a new place to hide my bath toys.

Must get remote. Must shimmy carefully.

I’m just so freaking cute with my surfer boy hair and noodle on my head.

I’m so bad@ss, I eat crocodile for breakfast.

I’m sorry he ate your baby.

The Great Sock Debate

Please note, I clearly have ownership over this sock.

But I want it and since I’m the older brother, you’ll do what I say and will give it to me.

BAM! POW! That’s what you get when you steal my sock and eat my friends baby for breakfast.

Oh $*9t. That felt great.

A Special Guest!

When you’re here I just want to sit and chill. I miss you Uncle Mike!



  1. most in love with the strategically placed neon green duck : ) miss the tiny men : )

    • Haha, actually that duck was really there! Look carefully at the first picture to see what happens when the duck isn’t in the right spot…can you say photoshop expert? If you ever need a pro to touch up your pics for you…I hear I’m pretty close to flawless…oh well.

  2. Love ALL of this! Miss you.

  3. Great post and pix!!

  4. Shoot. Here I thought the docs in VA were cooler, or you somehow found the one who was. I see puppy bellies, which means another growth spurt on the way. They look like such happy fellas!

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