Posted by: Marisa | September 10, 2012

First Haircuts

Four months ago the hubs started complaining that the boys needed haircuts. They clearly didn’t.



But then they did.

So once I got over my inability to believe my mini’s were old enough to need a haircut we took a stroll past a hair salon for kids called Dudes N Divas. Cute, right?

Well, at $15 a pop plus tip there really wasn’t anything cute about it so we took another stroll through the hair care section at Walmart and found the prettiest, most idiot proof hair-whacker-system-thing we could find. I was on a mission to help the hubs fall in love with this shiny silver whacker system before it could occur to him that a baby haircut at the local Chop N Shop was only $5 per kid and would, at the very least, look half way normal. After all, I really wanted to be the one cutting their hair. So after some over the top ooh’ing and aah’ing on my end complete with Vanna White style pointing out of the blades, the free comb, and the shiny silver casing, the hubs felt good about our purchase.

I felt good about the family memories we were about to make; all four of us in our huge master bathroom, the hubs with a quiet, haircut-ready baby on his lap, me gingerly snipping bits of hair with the air and pep of a 1950’s housewife, baby B patiently sitting on the floor playing with a toy, and plenty of time for step by step photo opportunities. Perfect little family haircut time.

And then reality happened and it looked a little something like this.

The ” haircut ready baby” * was a crying lunatic who was more then a little afraid of the whirring clippers, the baby “patiently sitting on the floor  playing with a toy”** was sitting on the floor eating up clumps of falling hair, and I was fumbling around trying to figure out how to use the shiny new weed whacker hair cutter system thing.

In the end the entire process was a race to the finish line that didn’t include any pit stops or photo ops but was also free of marital fighting so overall I’d call it a big win.

And now for the haircut reveal…


* This was L

**J will eat anything off the floor including clumps of hair. How’d that one taste big guy? Not so good? Going back for seconds anyway? Ok.




  1. Marisa – you have real talent when it comes to showing that things don’t always go as we planned. Kids hardly ever cooperate when we want them to. Thanks for making me laugh. Keep it coming!

  2. Thanks so much for the laugh this morning Marisa. I love the little devil horns in the tub. Cannot believe they are almost 1! Love to all of you.

  3. Best post yet. You know how to make the ordinary into the hilarious!!!!

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