Posted by: Marisa | September 24, 2012

Drinking A Beer With My Belly




One year ago today.

The Hokies were playing Marshall, the hubs was drinking a new beer, and I was enjoying my last four days with a belly of steel. For some reason, I really like this picture. Maybe it’s because in a strange way I look sort of skinny, you know, for someone with two full-term babies cage fighting off the front of her abdominal cavity. By this point I had outgrown even the biggest maternity shirts I owned and had resigned myself to wearing moo-moos and house slippers so believe it or not, this belly-shirt-crop-top hotness was a step up the fashion ladder.



In four days I’ll have all kinds of things to say about the boys turning one. Turning one. I can’t wrap my mind around that milestone.

But for now, a quick re-cap of the major life milestones that have happened since this belly picture was taken:

  • Two babies.
  • 12 weeks of maternity leave and then back to work. The hubs takes 6 weeks of paternity leave. Then he goes back to work.
  • The boys go to daycare. Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday.
  • Thursday: The hubster gets laid off. The boys stop daycare.
  • We spend the weekend convincing ourselves this is a good thing. Who wants to go to daycare anyway? Certainly not our kids.
  • I go back to work on Monday and the hubs settles in as a full-time dad.
  • Tuesday: Because the universe likes to shit in pairs, I get laid off.
  • We spend the week asking our five month old boys if they’d like to go get jobs. They don’t.
  • We hang out together like a cute little unemployed family for eight weeks.
  • The hubster gets a contract job offer in another city. Since our boys are still refusing to get jobs, we have to take it. We rent a house in New City, rent out our house, pay a moving company, pack up our lives.
  • And just as the moving trucks are gassing up for the trip we get a call from the contract company in New City telling us to burn the job offer they extended because they accidentally offered it without having any actual, paying, work. Jokes on us.
  • I throw up in my mouth.
  • The boys are still refusing to get jobs.
  • We move anyway.
  • We lose our health insurance because Anthem no longer wants to cover an infertile like myself, what with the high expense they incurred during our family-making efforts the first time around. Because, you know, the ink in that big red “DENY” stamp they loved using was so effing expensive.
  • We unpack our new house, live like tourists, avoid doctors, and settle in.
  • Four weeks later, the employment Gods decide to send us a little sun shower to wash away the gunk we’ve been swimming in in the form of a full-time job for the hubster – complete with health insurance.

So, um, yea. Welcome to the world boys. I’m glad we could offer you a smooth, calm, stress-free 361 days.



  1. Congratulations! Welcome to the world of parenthood and universal absurdity! You all have done awesomely and the beautiful, happy, secure (though unemployed) boys are the best evidence of that. We are all so proud of you both. This milestone birthday is a celebration for you as parents, too. Love all around!

  2. Life has a way of keeping it real. I know this was a tough year, but also a truly great one. I am sure things are looking up now. Can’t wait to see the 1 year pics.

  3. You never fail to bring a smile to my face — even with a serious subject! Very cleverly written. Keep them coming!

  4. Great summing up of the previous 12 months! You and “the hubster ” survived it all in what outwardly appeared to be cool, calm, and collected. Of course, you probably weren’t but you could have fooled us – at least most of us anyway. Thank goodness you have such good boys who take life, at least far, in stride. They anchor you.

  5. […] at a crossroads in my professional life because, you know, that whole lost my job moved my family thing. So I’m trying to figure out what I want to do […]

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