Posted by: Marisa | October 17, 2012

The Dragon and The Boys

Today, while walking through The Forest De La Dining Room, J and L came across a big, green, fire breathing dragon. Hoping he was of the gentle species they embraced him.

But that big green booger of a monster wasn’t friendly at all and before J could back away the beast lunged, trying to bite his head right off his little body.

…which really ticked J off. So he decided to give that beast a piece of his mind…

When that fire breathing meanie refused to apologize for his snappy-ness J knew that the world wouldn’t be safe until they slayed the dragon!

So he rallied the troops and heroically led them to battle.

…where they easily overtook the beast and had a good laugh about what a wimp that big old dragon was.

But the dragon wasn’t giving up just yet. He wiggled his tail free from J’s grip…

…took one big dragon roll…

…and flailed his body with such force that the warrior boys had no choice but to flip-fly through the air with him.

Once the dragon was in position he swung his tail with such force that L was launched fifty feet into the air

Things weren’t looking good for the two hero’s. Just as they were wondering if that dragon was going to be feasting on Twin Warrior for lunch, L was able to grab him by the shoulders, flip him in the air…

…grab him around the neck…

…and strangle him.

Once that dragon was as good as shoe leather the boys had another good laugh….

…hoisted him on their shoulders and dragged him all the way back to their village

…where the townspeople were anxiously awaiting their arrival.

Passerby’s chanted to the dragon slayers as they proudly held the beast up for all to see. And for the first time, the townspeople knew that they would never again fear the trek through The Forest De La Dining Room.



  1. What a wonderfully chivalrous children’s tale!!!!!

  2. You should write children’s books!

    • Thanks Tiffany, it’s actually on my list of things I would LOVE doing but I’m not sure where I would even start.

  3. You should print this as a coffee table book!! So precious!!!

    • Thanks Em. I’m going to try to write a few more of those and then I’m going to get the best ones printed up for the boys.

      Keep your eyes peeled for some more twin adventures!

      Love you

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