Posted by: Marisa | October 19, 2012

They Call Me Martha, Martha Stewart

Remember how I was so good at making pureed baby food that I was winning all kinds of “Holy Wow You’re So Awesome” awards?

Well, ten seconds after I finished a marathon puree session that included peaches, carrots, peas, cauliflower, and prunes the boys decided to boycott anything delivered to their mouth via a spoon. I’m not making this up. I had a freezer full of frozen mush and babies who would go all Kong Fu Panda on me any time I tried to feed it to them. It only took a few days of baby puree all over my face and kitchen for me to decide it wasn’t worth it so we officially transitioned to finger foods. This happened three months ago and my childrens’  mouths haven’t seen a spoon since.

We’re now eating finger foods like avocado, egg, squash, pumpkin, cheese, broccoli, banana, apples, peas, kiwi, mango, peppers and I’m really good at making those.

I’d say, on a scale of 1 – 10, when it comes to being able to boil food, which is pretty much all the skill required for everything mentioned above, I’m an 8. I’ve had a few boiling mishaps which is the only reason I’m not a 10. For example, one time I was steaming carrots using a steaming basket and water that I had just used to boiled sweet potatoes. I lost track of time because I was…well…distracted by something shiny and before I knew it the water had boiled out and the left over potato gunk had started burning in the pan. The billowing black smoke was caught in the steamer and the carrots that had been steaming were…well…they were Gourmet Smoked Carrots and Gerber would have charged extra for a can of those. That was the first time I’d ever made pureed carrots for the boys and you can bet your bottom I wasn’t going to throw out five pounds of hand peeled, hand chopped carrots so the boys ate them every day for months. And you know what? They stunk something terrible when we re-heated them but the boys seemed to like them and since the day we ran out of those Gourmet Carrots the boys have refuse to eat the vegetable at all. The moral of the story – I’m only sort of an 8 but really a 10 when it comes to food boiling ability.

So toddler food. It gets tricky because there is a period of time where babies are in a weird food limbo where they want to eat solid finger foods that have multiple ingredients (like chicken parm, french toast, etc) but they can’t eat the same things we eat because the food combinations are too complex and we need to make sure they don’t have allergies to any of the ingredients. This leaves all of us cranky and struggling to find new and exciting foods that the boys can eat.

My most recent amazing-ness is below.

Sweet Potato and Oatmeal Pancakes

Who doesn’t like a pancake? I mean, look at these things. They were awesome.

Or not…

And L is literally digging it back out of his mouth.

So, um, yea. If you’d like the recipe let me know.




  1. LOL. I’m sorry to get a giggle at your expense. My twins are 5 years old, and I remember this time all too well. I’d like to reassure you that the in between food stage is short, will pass, and they will not be malnourished if they keep digging food out of their mouths. You took me back. Thanks, I think. 😉

    • Thanks for your reassurance! I can already see this phase coming to an end as we add more and more food to their diet. It’s nice to finally be able to cut up some of what we’re eating for dinner and put it on their plates!

      Five year old twins. I’ll bet you have your hands full but I’m sure they are so much fun!

      Thanks for reading.

  2. Wow, what patience you have with fixing them their meals. You mom and I mushed a little and then stuck it in the “infa feeder” which she turned me on to and never had to fuss with a spoon! beef stew – absolutely – put it in the food mill and into the infa feeder. We were pros. And then your mom learned how to dilute juicy juice so that it was cheaper and not so concentrated. We couponed long distance so that we could absolutely handle any challenge that came at us regarding feeding babies. The scary thing for me is wondering what ever happened to that infa feeder product. Why was it taken off of the market? What horrible thing did we impose on our precious children!!! I don’t know but I am thinking there had to be something, after all, Chris can’t hear and Mark is 6’5′ what else could have caused those traits!!!

    • Aunt Debbie,

      I’m not sure about those Infa Feeders but it sounds like I could use one of them. My guess is that they took them off the market because they found out that bits plastic from the inside were breaking off and getting into the food…or they were causing deafness and extreme heigh. =)

      I still can’t drink my juice without adding a lot of water to it and still get made fun of for that.

  3. I’m with the boys!, Sweet potato and oatmeal???????????

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