Posted by: Marisa | October 25, 2012

Wheels On A High Chair Are A Good Idea, Said No One

Dear Graco,

Wheels on a high chair are a terrible feature for reasons which I will explain momentarily.

However, I ain’t mad at cha for the wheels as much as I’m mad at you for not adding a feature to lock them. Does every stroller on the planet have a brake feature? Yes. Why? Because things with wheels roll and when you’re talking about rolling things and children it’s always best to have a mechanism available to stop the wheels from moving. This feels like common sense which is why, when I did my research on high chairs and read the marketing bullet on your box proudly announcing that this chair came with wheels, I assumed there would be a way to make said wheels stop moving.  I was wrong. Boo to you.

Below is a small sampling of examples of how your non-locking wheels have negatively impacted my life:

  • Infants love to pull up on furniture. Imagine the excitement when he realizes the chair he has chosen to pull up on has wheels. Imagine the ear-piercing screams when said chair rolls away from him causing his unsteady chub-ness to lurch forward and his soft little face to slam into the kitchen floor. Now imagine this times two. It looks a little something like this.


  • Moving into toddler-hood. Have you ever tried to put a 24 pound, screaming, resisting toddler who knows how to use his kicking legs with purpose into a high chair with wheels that don’t lock?!  It’s awesome. And it happens every day of  my life…times two.

  • How about when those same toddlers use their very creative imaginations to dream up a game called “High Chair Derby” with their pimped out chairs and my freshly painted walls? Sounds fun, right?

In conclusion. I would like to continue to purchase Graco products but will probably think twice from now on. Yes, there is room for you to win me over by sending lots and lots of refunds and free Graco products. Do you happen to make those octagon fighting cages baby gates? Because maybe if we had one of those I could lock the high chairs inside which would put an end to the High Chair Derby-ing.





  1. I’ve said it before; I’ll say it again. You have a real gift for storytelling. I laughed until I cried — and sympathized. I can just picture it so vividly…..

  2. i now know what im in for

  3. Love that you are taking pics of their crying. Poor baby- more tears for the camera please. Momma’s got a blog to write:-)

    • Lol. That’s pretty much how it went. This actual crying picture was from a standard tantrum though, not a falling down incident…I’m only kind of insensitive. =)

  4. Try giving them something to hold (soft, in case it becomes a weapon) as a distraction when you go to put them in the highchair. Don’t give them too much advance warning if you can help it. Don’t they like to eat? Or is it the being trapped thing?
    You no longer have stairs, right? That could get ugly.

    • Good advice! I’ll try it first thing tomorrow.

      They love eating they just hate going in their chairs. Sometimes we skip them and have a picnic on the floor but I’d prefer to get them in their seats as often as possible.

      We don’t have stairs anymore which I’m so grateful for!

  5. […] my flavor of choice I’m more likely to do a product review for something that makes me crazy like high chairs with wheels, safety locks that don’t work, or terribly designed baby food containers then I am for […]

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