Posted by: Marisa | November 2, 2012

Because I’m A Bit Wordy…But Not Sorry For It

I’m a bit wordy and my original “Ten Things – October Update” was getting so out of hand that even I didn’t feel like reading it all. So this is the rest of it.

Mouth Noises: The boys love to make noise. Pretty much any boy’ish fart noise one can make from their mouth is something they find great amusement in. If you make a hah (kind of like bah-humbugor grunt like a cave man J will do it back and L walks around with his tongue between his lips blowing slobbery farts all day long.

We Climb. This isn’t exactly a milestone I rung in with bells and champagne…though I was drinking when I first saw it so I guess we were just missing the bells. Climbing means that our once semi-baby proofed house is now a three dimensional looney bin. Last night the hubster caught L climbing to the top of two stacked eight inch tall bins while J was trying to push the top bin off the bottom one. Today L climbed up on the couch, which is a place they are rarely allowed to go, and instantly started jumping and flailing around like a little lunatic with no regard for the fact that if he flailed over the edge of the couch it would be a quick drop to the hard floor below. Should be an interesting ride while they try to figure out this whole climbing plus safety thing.

Dancing. Whenever music comes on both the boys wiggle and throw their arms around. They’ve done this for as long as I can remember and it’s so cute. If they are in their highchairs they’ll bob their heads and kick their feet. If they are sitting on the floor they’ll swing their arms. And if they are standing they bend their knees and bounce. This is a picture of J holding on to the side of the couch bouncing to the music while wearing nothing but his old man house slippers…remember that whole we don’t wear clothes thing?

So not only am I a super number smudger but I’m a number smudger who hasn’t had my my shiznat together for the past 12 months and since I’m on a roll I want to document a few of the things I would have put into previous “Ten Things” posts. Maybe I should have called this “The Never Ending Baby Documentary That You Should Only Read If You Really, Really, Really Like My Kids Or Think I’m Huhlariously Funny”.

Circle Spins: Before he could walk, L used to sit on his bottom with both legs straddled out straight in front of him and he’d use his legs/heels to spin himself in circles – never his hands, just his legs. He doesn’t do it anymore which makes me sad because it was so cute to see a spinning baby drinking a bottle, playing with a block, or clapping his hands.

Leg Kicks: L has always done this funny little leg flailing thing that looks like a frog kicking off the ground really fast and with force. When we stopped swaddling him at about 6 months (yea, our kids liked the swaddle) we’d sometimes hear thud, thud, thud noises coming from the nursery and it was always L doing his frog kicks against the mattress. When we brought him to the pool as a baby he’d do these in the water and even still sometimes when we pick him up he does these forceful leg movements into the air.

Big Smiles: J is so smiley. One time he fell face first out of his toy bin and the first thing he did was look up and smile. L doesn’t smile as often but when he does his whole face lights up, his cheeks get round, and his shoulders roll forward.

I typically have a 300 word maximum on my blog posts because most people don’t want to read anything too long so if you’re still here, thanks yo. The next one will be shorter…maybe.



  1. This is why you should video tape these milestone….

    • I video tape most of them but they get lost in the gazillion hours of video tape we have. And most of those videos have the boys real names in them which means they probably wouldn’t end up on the blog anyway…but I’m happy to share those with family and friends via our video posting site.

  2. I read it all and was highly entertained!

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