Posted by: Marisa | November 2, 2012

I Had A Clever Title But Had to Can It…

…because it had key words in it that creepy men on the internet who like little children might search and that’s not exactly the audience I’m trying to attract. And I’m annoyed that we live in a world where all of you have to miss out on a little bit of funny just because of creepy people.

But anyway.

Our landlord is from Hong Kong where the older generation believes children need to be kept warm all the time or their poor little bodies might freeze to death. Landlord is a younger couple who are always having to strip layers of clothing off their sweating child which pretty much leads to a battle of the generations in their household. Whenever they come to our house our kids are naked, or partially naked, or undressing and becoming naked. Landlord thinks this is funny. Mostly, I have a ‘one shot’ rule which is that at the beginning of the day the boys get a clean outfit. As they dribble, smash food, or pee on any article of said clothing it gets removed. Sometimes it gets replaced but mostly, not.

The boys love to play with clothes. They laugh as they  jump in clothing piles, roll around, and wiggle on their backs with their arms and legs waving around towards the ceiling. They throw shirts, socks, and underwear in the air with great amusement. It’s fun to watch and in a strange way sort of reminds me of the time our friends dog was so excited when she found a pile of dead fish to roll around in.  That was gross. And I’m confused about why I think of a pile of dead fish while watching my kids play around but that’s just the way it is. At least my clean clothes don’t smell like decomposition.

Once clothes are folded they suddenly become an even more desirable toy and the boys like to pull them apart and throw them around some more. Sometimes this is funny but mostly it makes any chore involving clothing very hard to complete. Packing a suitcase, impossible. Now that the boys can climb, even the clothes I put on the back of the couch aren’t safe from their wrath. Mostly I use this as my rationalization for why I can’t get laundry done, which is why my kids only get one outfit a day, which is why my kids are mostly naked. Yup.

Case in point, this is what my kids are wearing this very second:

To see the nine other things the boys are up to right now head over to my 10 Little Things post for October.



  1. Thoroughly enjoyed all three posts today. You keep me laughing, as do those little munchkins.

  2. God, how I love these children!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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