Posted by: Marisa | November 2, 2012

Ten Little Things – October

In my quest to  blog about all things grandiose I sometimes forget to highlight the small milestones the boys are hitting or the quirky things they’re doing that might not be around in a few months. But today*, in a moment of pure genius I thought of  hijacked this cute, quick**, idea for documenting updates – 10 Little Things the boys are currently doing that I need to document before they go away. Thank you to these two twin mommy bloggers, without whom I wouldn’t have written this update…ever.

Drinking From Sippy Cups. You haven’t seen my rant about how much we hate, hate, freaking hate our Dr. Browns Bottles but it’s coming soon. Once you see that little doozie you’ll understand why we’re so excited about our transition to these bad boys.

Walking! L is officially a toddler. He cruises around in stints of about 15 – 20 steps before he falls, pops himself back up, and walks some more. He took his first steps a few days before his first birthday and hasn’t stopped since. J’s not walking yet but in order to keep up with L he tries to crawl super-fast by moving his arms and legs at lightening speed and dropping his head down to the floor while he moves, you know, because his face isn’t aerodynamic enough. We’re pretty sure it’s not any faster, especially since he usually runs into walls and has to re-set, but he seems to think it is and it’s fun to watch a baby come battling down the hallway on all fours.

The Remote: The boys LOVE remote controls. We have several old ones without batteries strategically placed on the TV stand. When the boys aren’t chewing on them, pretending they’re cell phones, or spiking them like footballs they stand in front of the TV and point the remote straight at it hoping to turn it on.

Bipedal Baby. J wants to walk so badly but his right foot turns in just enough that every time he tries to take a step he trips over it. We have to go to a specialist to have it checked out and I wouldn’t be too shocked if there is a brace in our future. You know that guy Forrest, Forrest Gump? He had mmaagic shooes and look how he turned out. So I’m not too worried either way. In the meantime, J’s new method for being bipedal is to latch on to our legs and swing his way around the world. Cooking dinner has gotten significantly harder since this Baby Bar Trick made its debut.

Bedtime Routine: The time between post-dinner and bed is my favorite part of the day because all four of us hang out on the floor in the living room and unwind. We turn on the Pandora Toddler channel and dance around to all kinds of really sophisticated songs like “The Wheels On The Bus” while the boys get changed, drink their bottles, brush their teeth, read a few books, and get snugly.  Then we walk them to their room, turn on some lullaby music and a night light and sit them in their crib. On the really fun nights this is when the screaming starts but mostly they either lay down right away or chatter for a few minutes and then fall asleep. Even on the really fun nights they are sleep within five or ten minutes of self soothing.

Yuck-O. I have spent a very good portion of the last six months digging inedible objects from my children’s mouths. You know, things like paper, acorns, plastic, rocks,and odd brown objects that may or may not have been little bits of poo…or day old avocado bits…or poo…or bits. Anyway, last week I saw J chewing on something and as I walked towards him ready to do the infamous mouth pry he stuck his tongue out, grabbed the piece of paper, and handed it to me. This has happened several times since and I have not had to subject my digging finger to the fury of a child’s clenched jaw in weeks.

Clothes: My clothing rant got so long that it now has its own post.

Signs & Expressions. The boys now know the signs for eat, more, milk, hot, please, and a very abstract version of I love you that looks more like the letter L. For a while the boys understood what it meant to give a hug but  if we asked for a kiss they would just lean their forehead to our mouths. This past week they started offering us kisses but if they crawl up to each other they still just lean their heads towards each other as if waiting for the other one to kiss them. So cute! They booty shake and swing their arms to anything with a beat and when the song “If You’re Happy And You Know It” comes on the drop their toys and clap. …in fact, even as I’m typing this I’m whistling that song and both boys are clapping and bobbing their heads. 

Hello, Hi There! Typically, J was the baby who would flirt with people who stopped at their stroller to be all oh my gosh you have twins, are they natural, are they two boys, are they identical, did you deliver them via your lady parts? But just this week L started waving and whenever he’s in the stroller he flips his hand up and then flips it down over and over making a mechanical, but very cute, wave to grab the attention of anyone passing by.  Of course, all the old ladies think this is ZOMG so cute!

Teeth: We have teeth, about six each. And with teeth comes great responsibility, which the boys are learning the hard way. We’ve had more than a few instances of babies falling and biting their lips but the other day J learned that if you fall just right that cute little baby tooth can cut straight through your lip causing a hole in the front of your face. Yes he’s fine. No this picture was not taken before I coddled him.

Mouth Noises: 

Have y’all noticed that this next update makes 11? I wrote each bullet before I counted them which is just a rookie mistake and since I’ve written them I’ll be damned if I’m going to delete any. So feel free to boycott the rest of the post because I’m a number smudger…I would if you did the same to me, but I’m like that.

Okay so not only did I write three bullets after this one but then I snuck in some ‘oldies but goodies’ which took this post from long to obnoxious so I’m turning it into two posts…which actually makes three if you count the clothing post that stemmed from that bullet…so, pretty much this post is a hot mess. Put on your shocked faces. If you’d like to see more updates go here.

*I actually started this post two weeks ago.

**Not quick. Painfully long and tedius to put together. Don’t even get me started about what a pain WordPresss has been for uploading pictures and formatting this post. And did you make it to the ‘hot mess’ portion? Ugh! Next time there will be significantly fewer pictures, words, mistakes, and posts associated with one little update.



  1. Love, love, LOVE these boys!!!!!!!!!!!

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