Posted by: Marisa | November 6, 2012

The Boys and The S’more Tree

Once upon a time, in a land far away from cable TV and toys with batteries, lived a family of four. Mother tended the house, Father did the hunting and gathering, and the two little boys played with mud and ate bugs. Life was nice.

But then, one hot summer day, father came home from his hunting trip limping and bleeding from his foot. Now, he’d never been particularly graceful and was prone to work related injury but this time he’d really done it – pig skinned shoes don’t stand a chance against a poorly aimed arrow.

With father out of commission they started running low on firewood. Mother struggled to keep the fire hot enough to cook their dinner and boil water for the dishes. She hung  her head in sadness as she told the boys that the situation had become so dismal that she could no longer salvage embers for their traditional after-dinner s’mores.

“Life without s’mores?!” L exclaimed. Impossible!

“Hmm…I have an idea that will keep the sugar in our bellies!”

“Mother, J and I will go into the forest and cut down the best firewood tree we can find.”

Because she too was suffering from the lack of S’more-ing mother agreed to let them go but not without warning them, “You’ve been cursed with The Clumsy just like your father. Remember this.”

So the boys gathered up their diapers and wipes and gleefully headed into the forest in search of the biggest, baddest s’more makin’ tree they could find.

They quickly came across a clump of nice looking trees which they circled, poked, prodded, and examined.

L hated to be the bearer of bad news…

…but these weren’t the right ones.

“Do you see how big these roots are? There’s no way we’ll be strong enough to take down these trees.”

“Dang it!” J exclaimed into L’s ear.

“Fine then, lets move on. Quickly, quickly! No time for dilly-dallying!”

The boys toddled through the forest all day and all night in search of the perfect s’more making tree. And finally, just as dawn was breaking they came upon a clearing. And in that clearing stood the tallest, most beautiful tree they had ever seen.

The boys ran straight for it.

The brothers discussed the tree’s height, wood type, and drag-ability and decided it was the tree they’d always wanted.

Without wasting another second, J put both hands on the trunk of the tree, braced his feet on the ground, and gave one, giant, heave-ho of a push causing that tree to fall straight to the ground!

But this maneuver wasn’t without complication. That pesky tree had left J with a big, prickly, sliver in his hand.

As he turned to show the sliver to L…

…he realized that his lack of preparation and his poor communication while he was pushing that tree to the ground had caused it to fall right on top of  his brother! 

Moaning and in obvious pain L rolled over, said a few un-brotherly like words in J’s direction, and grabbed his foot. “Tree got me!”

“Dang! Ooh this hurts.” He said as he put his big toe in his mouth.

“J, the next time you choose to push down a tree could you please warn me first?!” L shouted. Being the concerned older twin he was, J went to L’s side, examined the slobbery big toe, slapped a band-aid on it, and jumped up to check out his prize.

As soon as he could get his toddling butt up, L joined him and the two boys excitedly pulled together a plan for getting the tree home.

It took two days for the boys to drag that tree out of the clearing, over the creek, up the hill, and back home. But just as they were arriving at the front gate Mother and Father came out of the house holding in their arms everything they would need to make the worlds most perfect s’mores.

The boys enjoying s’mores over a campfire.



  1. I so look forward to reading these stories. You put a smile on my face. Brilliant!

  2. Love these stories!! You need an agent and get them published!

  3. My thought was the same as Deborah’s. Have you given a thought to writing children’s books??? This was precious!!!!!!!!!

  4. Thanks for all the comments. I love writing and would never turn down the opportunity to write books of any kind but there are millions of people who want to write books and it’s a hard industry to get into so for now I’ll stick to blogging and will see what comes of it.

    Thanks again for reading and commenting!

  5. So cute Marisa. I love reading your stories. Maybe it will lead to something someday. Give L and J a kiss for me.

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