Posted by: Marisa | November 10, 2012

Missing: One Milk Filled Bottle

I sat the boys down and gave each of them a bottle five minutes ago. Right now they are rolling around on the floor fighting over one bottle and I cannot for the life of me find the second one. I’ve looked everywhere. Sometimes we lose things and it makes sense. I mean, if we left the house, rode in the van, and walked through the Piggly Wiggly then sometimes things get lost. I hate when it happens but usually it’s just a sock and I simply use the lonely sock for a craft project which once again proves that I’m an uhmazingly crafty mom toss the other one in the garbage. But we’ve just been sitting here. So…the bottle should be here but it’s not.

My guess is that I’ll find it 24 hours from now, upside down, with a puddle of goopy-gross-stank-smelling milk puddled under it.

“Welcome to my house, nope, not sure why it smells like stale milk. Would you like to come in?”

Update: I found it, right side up, in under two hours!

Inside a box of diapers along with a baby brush, a small condiments cup, three balls, and the top to my coffee mug. None of which I’d realized had gone missing.



  1. Makes you wonder if all those missing socks are stuffed somewhere too, no?

    • Oh, Marisa, that was great. I wish you knew how much I look forward to these tales. What a clever hiding place. I wonder if it belongs to one or both of them……….

    • Funny you should say that because we were standing in line after the Adam Carolla show and the Hubs reached into his coat pocket and pulled out a sock I had been looking for for weeks. I about died because I JUST threw out the match this past week. Oh well.

  2. Marisa � My name is Paul; I’m a member of the Lions Club with your Mom.� I enjoy reading your Blog and the antics of raising twin boys.� You are very creative — I find your tails amusing and entertaining.� Thanks for taking the time to do this. � ________________________________

    • Paul,

      Thanks for reading the blog and sending over a comment. I’m glad you’re enjoying the stories!


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