Posted by: Marisa | November 12, 2012

Photo Friday – On Monday

Last week we went to Washington DC to see Adam Carolla do his stand-up comedy routine and he put on an awesome show but being away from home cramped my style when it came to being able to get this post up when I’d planned on it.

By Thursday night the only thing this post needed to go live on Friday were some captions, which I foolishly assumed I could do in a few minutes. Wrong. When I sat down to write the final captions the pictures were cockeyed making it look like the boys were laying on their sides or standing on their heads.  So I adjusted them in photoshop and re-uploaded them. Then came the dirty diapers, the crying babies, the whole we just ran out of milk thing. …and today is Monday.

So Happy Photo Friday…on Monday.

Last week the boys found a little something special that piqued their interest…

…and even though they were told not to, they couldn’t help but play with that curly mass of ribbon fun.

Which ended with their very first lesson on the law of gravity.

Wait, one night nine months ago when J was screaming his bloody brains out we brought him into bed with us. A few hours later L started screaming his bloody brains out. In an exhausted stupor I went to get L and fell asleep on the bed in the nursery completely forgetting that baby number two was still in our bed. A few minutes later I heard a really loud, ten pound thud followed by lots of screaming. That was J’s first lesson on the whole gravity thing. But this was a good reminder.

In other news, J had the worst hair day of his life. It actually started out as  bed head but we never did get around to brushing it and since he was still sporting the look at 3pm I think it’s fair enough to call it a full day of bad hair.

The boys are so much more mobile these days and it seems like in a split second they can randomly transition from a civilized activity like playing with blocks to the completely barbaric sport of baby wrestling.

So the boys wrestled,

had a play date with our neighbor twins,

dressed up as Christmas Sock Monkey’s,

and wrestled some more.

They practiced their whistling…

…and their fart noises,

and demolished my laundry pile.

Then they watched the Mailman…

…which wasn’t nearly as much fun as rolling around on the ground in a choke hold. So they wrestled,

and wrestled

and O-M-G-whydoboysinsistonthis wrestled some more.


And in my new series: Stupid Things Parents Do…

I saw a teacher on TV who had her classroom do “Silent Screams” to get their energy out. It looks like a lot of kids screaming, jumping, and waving their arms but making no noise. Being silly, the hubs and I did this while we were playing on the floor with the boys. They laughed and together we shared a moment where we were the coolest parents on the planet! They loved it. In fact, they loved it so much that they’ve been doing their own version of this game about ten times a day for the past week. You know, the version where they jump up and down waving their arms and legs as they silent scream their little heads off. #Fail.


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