Posted by: Marisa | November 14, 2012

Best Baby Gift Ever: Turt The Glowing Turtle

Since snarky tends to be my flavor of choice I’m more likely to do a product review for something that makes me crazy like high chairs with wheels, safety locks that don’t work, or terribly designed baby food containers then I am for products that work the way they’re supposed to. I mean, stuff is supposed to work the way it’s supposed to work so when it doesn’t I’m all eeerrrrr who has time for this! and I feel an overwhelming urge to talk about it. When it works, well, what else is there to say?

But Turt The Turtle is one of those products we love. We received Turt before the boys were born, bought him a twin brother (Turt Two) when we realized how useful he was, and have since given away their siblings as a gift to pretty much anyone we know who is having a baby. Their sister is a pink ladybug with little flowers on her back which I would so own if we had a girl. And since I name most of our toys by phonetically shortening their full name she would be Lady which seems very fitting.

Since I have nothing but a glowing review to give for this night light I figured I’d share.

Introducing Turt*:  

Turt copy

     His most desirable features include:

– A soft green glow

– A light weight and squishy-ish rubbery exterior that my kids love to chew on

– An on/off button activated by pushing his little turtle shell

– Being cordless but not battery operated

– Having an incredibly long light-life (0ver 8 hours)

– Being extremely portable

Cordless but not battery operated: This is where the genus comes in for this product. Most standard night lights are cordless, plug directly into the wall, and light up right there at socket level. Not sure about you, but every plug in our nursery is covered by furniture which means the glow wouldn’t get very far. Even if our plugs weren’t covered, using one of those standard lights means there is a ‘toy’ at crawling level that, when pulled out of the wall by a curious baby, leaves an exposed socket which is perfect for wandering baby fingers, toys, or (for the really unlucky child) tongues. ZZZaaaaaPPPPPPPPPPP! Seems like a pretty dumb design to me.

And don’t let me get started on the physical reaction I have in response to baby paraphernalia that requires batteries…because I could go on fo-evah. 

This guy comes with a charger much like the one you’d use for a cell phone. When his light gets dim you simply plug one end of the charger into the wall and the other end into Turt. Once he’s charged you unplug him and he becomes portable again.

Portability: This feature is awesome. Turt and I first became besties when I was pregnant and would get out of bed six hundred times a night to tinkle thanks to two very active babies using my bladder as a punching bag. I hated turning on the bathroom light because that shiznat was bright and would sear those little sparkler blobs into my eyeballs which would make any hope of falling back asleep impossible. But once Turt came into my life I’d just grab him and go without having to worry about that whole eyeball-light-searing thing.

And last weekend we were traveling and L needed a bottle in the middle of the night. Instead of having to fumble my way through someone else’s house in the dark I just took Turt Two and went on a mission. Easy peasy.

I pretty much love everything about our Turts.

BUT if there is one thing about Turt that I find curiously, odd…

Do you remember when Disney went through that phase where their illustrators were putting inappropriate se.xual innuendos in their movies? You know, things about teenagers, phallic symbols in castles, naughty words floating in clouds?  I always wondered what those Disney Cast members did when they realized that their dirty little secrets had made it into the final product. I pictured a group of four or five younger guys sitting in a screening room giddy with anticipation for the moment where they’d find out whether or not their se.xual innuendo had been caught and removed.  Once they saw that it had indeed made it into the final version they’d jump up, high five each other, do some man grunting, and laugh as they congratulated themselves for being all oh my gosh so funny. 

Well, I picture the same scene playing out when the engineers who designed Turt realized that they had actually convinced everyone else on the project that this was THE ONLY possible place to put the charger plug on poor little Turt…

I mean, surely there must have been another option, right?

*Apparently Target doesn’t want me to share a link with you because this little guy is nowhere to be found online. Just know, we got him at Target in the kids bedroom section – not the baby section – because, well, apparently Target doesn’t want to make him easy to find in the stores either.



  1. We love our ladybug! And in case target stops selling them,Ikea has this similar ghost who changes colors and has a curiously-places plug hole.

  2. I LOVE it!! when we were young, we had a turtle named Turt!!! The other turtle was named Turt’s Friend. Turt’s friend pretty much just hung out and provided a shell for Turt to climb up on so he could look over the top of his bowl. Turt, though, was a real little pet. He could see movement and would rush over to climb on Friend’s bac and make little sounds to get you to come and feed him. I know it sounds crazy, but it’s a true story!!!!!

  3. Target may have stopped selling Turt, but they have provided some new options. I just spotted dinosaurs and helmets for boys and owls and flowers for girls. You’ll be excited to know that the dinosaur has a similarly placed charger hole. I mean plug. 😉

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