Posted by: Marisa | December 5, 2012

There’s A Tree On My Table

The reason we decided to put a small Christmas tree on the table for Christmas instead of having a huge one on the floor is simple – I’m not up for the challenge of spending the next month explaining to a pair of one year old’s why they can’t push, pull, tug, chew, or climb on the big blinking toy.

So I proposed that we get a smaller tree to put on and end table:

small tree

It’s small but festive, easy to assemble, and will be far enough from reach that the boys won’t knock it down. And if they do knock it down, I mean, really, so what?

The hubster agreed that a tree on the table is better than a tree on the floor. So last weekend, when there was finally snow on the ground and a chill in the air we hiked through the Christmas Tree Forest on the hunt for the perfect tree to chop down. Well, hiked through the Home Depot parking lot in 65 degree weather to pluck a tree from the tree pile – same thing.

Based on the final result, I’d say the Hubster and I were on two, very different pages.

Introducing our small, little, 2012 Christmas Tree-On-A-Table…


…which has done an awesome job of being out of reach.








Photo Credit for small tree:



  1. Marisa, you made my day once again sharing you wonderful adventures with your climbing angels. It is fascinating to see their little faces in awe of this new green and glistening “toy”.

  2. 100% chance there will still be a Christmas tree CRASH!Uncle Pat

    • I’m sure that at some point in our future this will be true!

  3. Fantastic idea. We have almost two year old twins and they climb everything. we put up the tree with only lights for a bit and they seemed alright. then last night we put a few ornaments on (we have an 8 year old as well) and this morning the twins were interested but just looking, touching, nothing big. then it was just me and my little man for a bit and he took down ornament after ornament after ornament. Breaking about three in the process and kicking a few across the room. Thinking we may only have the top third decorated this year….

    • Jill,

      That was my big fear with a tree – having ornaments breaking all over the place. The boys can reach the bottom branches of the tree so I’ve moved all the bells and things that make noise down to the low branches. That way I can tell right away when they are touching the tree.

      Next year I’d recommend the tree on a table approach.

      Thanks for reading and commenting!

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