Posted by: Marisa | January 15, 2013

The Year of The Fabric

If you’re looking for a good way to document the first year of your baby’s life while torturing yourself, your children, and your marriage go ahead and skip those pre-made monthly onesie stickers and try your hand at this project.

000 Little Bottoms Blog copy

It’s awesome.

Before the boys were born I went out and bought one yard fabric squares with the goal of getting fifty two adorable weekly pictures (because one a month wasn’t delusional enough).

Every week we put the boys in their little white onesies, set them on a fabric square, climbed onto a ladder, and dangled over them while trying to capture the perfect picture. You know that annoying, high pitched, babble-talk that people do around babies? Picture that but a million times worse as the Hubs and I stood on a ladder waving baby toys around, trying to get them to smile for the cameraaa you cutie patootie babie wabies….up heeeaaaarrree. 

I’m sorry you missed it.

At first it was pretty easy because they would just lay there and do what I told them to do…which was lay there.

000 laying there

But before long they started to roll…

0001 roll


0001 squirm

and crawl off the set.

00001 crawl

And to be perfectly honest, this lack of smiling at the camera twin cuteness was making it hard for me to get the pictures I was hoping for which seemed to exponentially increase the urgency I felt about getting the perfect pictures. I mean, have you seen the pictures this guy was able to get of his daughter?! She seemed to understand the project and be absolutely willing to show off her cuteness at every shot. Yet here I was with two chaos-ities and one inexperienced Art Director (the Hubs) failing pretty miserably.

And before long our peaceful Sunday mornings began to look something like this…

00 - L crying FB

0002 crying 1

0002 crying 2

0002 crying

00 Crying FB

00 L crying FB

0002 crying 4

and included marital fighting, threats of a strike from the Art Director, and sweaty arm pits.

So I changed my strategy and re-designed the set. If the boys wanted to sit, I’d give them a place to sit. We taped the fabric square to our kitchen table, laid down a crib mattress fitted with a brown sheet, and sat the boys on top of it.

This worked out okay…

00 - Feel off set FB

as long as the boys didn’t lean backwards and fall off the mattress…

00 2 fat lip

or do a crazy trampoline bounce and fly face first into the kitchen floor, bloodying their lips.

00 4 crawling

And while there were a few flaws, like boys who didn’t want to sit still and a piece of fabric disguised as a wall, the new set got me to the end of the twelve month adventure in picture purgatory.

As much of a total pain that this project was I actually really enjoyed looking through all of the pictures and designing a coffee table book for our house that documents the boys growth throughout their first year.

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  1. As always Marisa, your storytelling is wonderful and delightfully entertaining as you share all of your adventures on your journey parenting J & L. I must say, your hard work certainly paid off for myself and my “hubbie” as we will always cherish your expertise in the book you lovingly created documenting the boys first year. YES, it was worth every second and just think – all those memories documented. Please continue with your passion. We once again thank you from the bottom of our hearts. Love, Colleen and John

  2. Witty and hysterical as always!!! Love it.

  3. 11 Months Old makes me laugh every time I see it!

    • It’s my fave too!

  4. Great blog Marisa! Made my day. The boys are so adorable and I loved seeing them at Christmas.

  5. I was so happy to see a new blog!! And now the mystery is solved as I often wondered how all those pretty backdrops were created!!! Who knew??? Great job – so original!

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