Posted by: Marisa | January 23, 2013

Ten Little Things

Hey oh.

Welcome to my monthly update  where I fill you in on the quirky little things the boys are doing this month. Today I’ll be covering November…of 2012. This unfortunate back-up means that if you clicked on this post thinking you might find out what the boys are up to right this very minute you should check back in July. Sorry for any undue hardship this extra click might have cost you.

November 2012

It’s leaf season here in New City and it turns out that putting a pair of one year old boys in the middle of a huge leaf pile is a great way to wear them out.

Blog Picture

J is officially walking. Boom. More about his Forrest Gump legs when we get to the correct month. But for now, he’s up.

Messy House 2

We’re Free! Historically, we haven’t let the boys play in their bedroom without supervision because they like to play a little game called “tear down the book shelf and swim in the books”. It looks a little something like this…

L in book pile

And if we’re being completely honest I just don’t feel like having to clean up the books while fighting against two kids who would rather continue to pull them down.

But lately I’ve been giving them some freedom to play in there by casually leaving the door unlatched when we leave. This way, at some point later in the day when they’re bored and walking aimlessly around the house they can accidentally discover my mistake, break into their room, and go crazy…quietly of course because they are now smart enough to know that if they are caught doing something they aren’t supposed to do I’ll stop them.

The other day I kept hearing a methodical thud, pause, thud, pause, thud, pause that I assumed was the boys banging the glider against the wall. But when I went in to check on them the boys were sitting behind the glider and L was palming J’s head and was casually pushing it into the wall.  J was like a little bobble head who was sitting there perfectly content to have L use his head to make some music against the wall. Thud, pause, thud, pause…

Runaway Napper. If J is in the main area of the house and he hears L in the bedroom playing he now toddles full speed into the bedroom so he can play too. Only sometimes L isn’t playing he’s getting ready for a nap. Just the other day J came running into the bedroom only to realize that L was being put into his crib. J’s smart enough to know his fate. He screeched to an unsteady halt, turned around, and toddled as quickly as he could away from the bedroom. A chase ensued and of course the nap won, but it’s funny to see the look on their faces the minute they realize they ran into a booby-trap.

One nap a day. Psych. I made this note right before I realized that when they only take one nap a day they are screaming, tired, cranky, teething, vampire children. They are now officially back to  two naps a day, even if they don’t actually sleep during both of them.

Forward Rolls. The boys love doing forward rolls. They bend over and put their heads on the ground waiting for us to roll them over. If we aren’t there then they get impatient and push over themselves. This is more like a side flop but they don’t mind and just lay on the floor giggling. One day I decided to join in on the forward rolling fun. Lets just say that the whole dizzy, organ smooshing, rolling thing is not nearly as fun as I remember it being when I was six.

forward roll

L is talking and his first word is…drum roll please…dog. This is karma’s way of getting back at the hubster and I for not having a particularly strong bond with this species.


Except for these two hoover vacuums, cousin Casino and cousin Tyler.

Chicken Arms. When L runs he pulls his arms back like a chicken and puts his head down. It’s really funny but only lasts for as long as it takes him to run into the closest wall. On that note, he ran full speed, face first into the refrigerator at some point in November. Not sure what we’re going to do with this guy.

I Love You is a really hard sign for babies because it requires enough finger dexterity for them to keep three fingers up while putting two down. But the boys understand “I Love You” and when I put my palm in front of them they will push my two middle fingers down so that my hand makes the sign. And J somehow got it in his head that the sign is actually made with the letter “R” so he crosses his fingers and makes the “R” sign and pops his thumb out as his I Love You. One night as I was leaving the house to run an errand the boys were at the front door and J was making his little “R” shaped I Love You and holding it up to the glass. So adorable!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Kisses and hugs. I think we have two of the most affectionate babies ever. The boys are constantly coming over and asking for kisses and hugs. We’ll be holding them in our laps and they’ll just lean over and plant a sloppy kiss right on our lips. And it’s really common for them to be kissing and hugging each other. I love those little moments!



  1. Thoroughly entertaining, as always. I heartily agree J & L are the lovingest little guys around. Miss them immensely!!!!!

  2. So cute and funny! This is my special treat for the day. Thanks.

  3. So lovely. I get so excited when there’s a new post!

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