Posted by: Marisa | February 8, 2013

Bitty Bits of Paper

The easiest way to get anything done around our house is to get the boys involved, a tactic that typically triples the amount of time it actually takes to get anything accomplished…which is the fundamental reason that I never get anything done.

Laundry to fold?

I take it out of the dryer and throw it on the floor. They play in the clothes until they’re are over it, then I fold the laundry, pile it on something high up, and make sure to put it away before they find a way to tear it apart. Nine times out of ten at least half the laundry manages to unfold itself and end up back on the floor because the boys have figured out how to use their Go-Go-Gadget arms to reach things up high.

Those Gadget Arms got L in trouble this week when he started to choke on a banana he snatched off the counter when I wasn’t looking. I didn’t even know he had the stupid thing until he started gagging up banana-bits all over the kitchen floor.

We have a shredder hanging from the wall in our dining room. I can’t explain why it’s in our dining room but I guess it’s where our landlord liked to do his shredding so that’s where he left it. This week I finally got sick of looking at the pile of bills that needed to be shredded so I got to work. But pretty quickly the paper-catcher-box-thing got clogged up so I had to get on my tip-toes with a butter knife and go all MacGyver on the shredder.

At some point during my digging, cutting, cussing escapade the boys came over and plopped down beneath the machine. As the flecks of paper rained down towards the floor they reached their arms up to catch them and were having such a good time that I decided to let them play around in the bitty bits of paper.

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  1. So you didn’t get that idea from Pinterest!

  2. another great post. loved the Inspector Gadget reference!

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