Posted by: Marisa | February 21, 2013

Brother Brawl

Remote To The Face

Sometimes when you take a remote to the face you end up with a bloody nose.

For those of us keeping track:

  • Last week at the babysitters J fell face first into the only patch of cement in her back yard – there was blood involved. 
  • Yesterday, J split open the inside of his mouth doing…something dangerous…like walking. He didn’t cry but there was blood leaking from his mouth for enough minutes that I considered calling the doctor.
  • Today he gets a bloody nose at the hand of his brother.




  1. And you were worried about L….

  2. Prepare for those approaching “terrible twos”. Sounds like the boys are getting a head start.

  3. Ok, so how do you deal with the fighting? Callum and Oliver fight ALL THE TIME and it is driving me crazy!!! xo

    • Hi Lou,

      The boys definitely fight over toys and L tends to rough house with J to the point that J is crying but L won’t let go. If they are physically fighting/wrestling with each other then I let it play out as long as it seems like both boys are having a good time or holding their own. The minute one starts to seem uncomfortable I say “All done” and we’re practicing having them stop and put their hands up. It doesn’t always work but it seems to be catching on.

      As far as toys go, whoever had the toy first gets it. So if J walks up to L and takes a toy out of his hand then J always has to give the toy back to L.

      I’m trying hard to teach them that just because they want a toy that the other boy has doesn’t mean they can walk up to him and steal it. I’m also trying to teach them that they do NOT have to share every thing they do/are playing with just because they are twins.

      When I’m playing with them I talk a lot about sharing but when it comes down to one boy having a toy and having quiet time playing with it he doesn’t have to share it all the time – it’s the nice thing to do – but he can choose to share or not to share. Of course, the boy who doesn’t end up with the toy cries but I just try to re-direct him to another toy and if I use my uber-annoying-mommy voice the distraction almost always works.

      …but sometimes one baby is just left screaming and throwing a fit. And I walk away and have a drink, or five.

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