Posted by: Marisa | March 4, 2013

Twin-sicle Play

Last week at Starb.ucks one of the employees dropped about ten gazillion wooden coffee stirrers on the floor next to my table. As we were picking them up I asked if I could have them. Because I’m crazy pants…

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  1. Marisa – you’re such a “cool” mom. I would be freaking out by now worrying if they were going to poke their eyes out or choke on them. I wish I was more relaxed when my kids were young. Looks like fun!

  2. One word: Hysterical!!!!!

  3. “Pick Up Sticks” is a game we played as kids but maybe not with this many!!!! Looks like the boys were seriously into this new “game” and having a fun time.

  4. Looks like so much fun! We need to have a meeting about those boys growing up – enough is enough!!!!

  5. How fun!!! Way to rescue these toys from the trash! Good lesson. There is fun and beauty all around us!

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