Posted by: Marisa | March 20, 2013

When Mom Is Away The Monkeys Will Play

Today when I snuck away from the boys to do my hair and makeup I actually heard them realize I was gone – two sets of pitter-pattering down the hallway towards me, a shriek of laughter, and two boys running away.  

This, the moment in which they know I’m not watching them, isn’t a good one for me because they take full advantage of these mommy-free moments and it usually takes me a long time to clean it up.

For example,




We Break Things

Today they were shrieking and laughing so much while I was gone that I couldn’t help but to sneak up on them to see what was going on. Keep in mind, we have a strict ‘no jumping on the couch’ rule at our house because I’m trying to raise little gentlemen  not little balls of crazy.

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  1. It will only get a little more crazy… you poor thing. I am so jealous!

  2. They are so stinking cute!! Thanks for sharing Marisa.

  3. Looks like good ole’ playful rough-housing. Boys will be boys! I love it!!!

  4. At least they are smiling and laughing. Neither one is getting pummeled. what fun they are having!!!

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