Posted by: Marisa | March 25, 2013

Twin Madness

Remember that blog post about how the boys like to get into trouble when I’m not looking? The one that showed cute pictures of the boys wrestling on the couch at the end?

Well, that was two weeks ago and apparently the universe was out to show me that that craziness was nothing because this week we had a full out epidemic of twin madness.

Let me start by reminding you of how cute these boys are…


a2So cute. 

But we have a problem. First, they have a new-found love of dumping their milk all over the house and between the two of them they can empty an 8 ounce bottle in under a minute. Which is really kind of annoying because milk is expensive and cleaning it out of the wedge between couch cushions, the cracks of their toys, and the DVD player is hard work. So they’re no longer allowed to have milk around the house…except when I’m not paying attention, which is most of the time.


I have no idea where his shirt went but he was wearing one when I handed him the bottle and stopped paying attention. He must have decided to take it off so he’d have better range of motion for all the vigorous milk dumping he was about to do.

Speaking of taking their clothes off, this mysteriously u-shaped puddle is what happens when one baby takes his pants off and pees into the other baby’s crib.


Peeing into each others crib is gross but it’s a pretty easy clean up. Do you know what isn’t an easy clean up?


That is exactly what you hope it isn’t. And it was everywhere. 


Which, of course, they thought was hilarious.



  1. Oh boy, I had one like that. Poop in the family room, poop in the crib, poop smeared on the wall and window . . . But times two . . . God bless you!

  2. let the fun begin! God help you.

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