Posted by: Marisa | June 1, 2013

The Banished Boys and The Milk Monster

Once upon a time in a far away land lived a village full of village people. Together they built houses and schools, grew their crops, and sang kumbaya while holding hands and swaying. It was a peaceful village where people sauntered about, spoke quietly, and kept any loud-ness to a minimum.

Born into that town was a set of twins who, quite frankly, never fit in. From a young age it was obvious that these two boys were screaming, running, shouting, fighting bundles of crazy. No matter what they did they couldn’t contain their excitement or their noise.

One day the townspeople held a meeting to discuss the twins and, after very little debate, banished them to the outskirts of town where their noise would be put to good use. You see, the Evil Cup Monster lived in the forest outside the village and under the darkness of night would creep into  town and steal all the cups of milk, leaving the townspeople parched and dehydrated.

The noise that Crazy Jay and Loud Loui made was enough to keep the monster at bay. But one day while Loud Loui was walking through the woods by himself the Evil Cup Monster jumped out from behind a tree, screamed “boo!”, and stole his cup of milk. 

Loui was scared and went running out of the forest shouting “AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH!!!”


“Brother” shouted Loud Loui, “Put on your cape. The Cup Monster has struck again and has stolen our milk. We must get it back before we become parched”.


Oh, I am not happy about this situation.


But if we hurry I’m sure we’ll have our milk back by dinner.


“Now follow me” he shouted as he ran back into the woods.


“Okay, but I’m losing my cape” Jay shouted as he trailed close behind.


The twins spent the next few hours looking for the monster and when they finally came upon him a fight ensued.

Pow, Pow, Kong Pow.

A few loud screams, one round-kick, a swish of their capes, and a kick to the monsters shin and they were victorious!

At the first opportunity Crazy Jay grabbed the cup of milk from the monsters hand and shouted, “Lets get outta heeerrreeeee”.

That monster was crazy!

“But we showed him” shouted Loui as he ran past Jay.


And a good laugh was had by all.

That was awesome!

Thanks to Loui and Jay the Milk Monster was never seen in their village again.






  1. Love, love, LOVE these stories, especially accompanied by such wonderful pictures!!!!!

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